UN Smuggling Mission in DRC, Conspiracy Against Rwanda

Despite the fact that there are 22,000 UN peace keepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a well equipped force namely MUNOSCO which is said to be one of the largest UN deployment in the world; Congolese themselves complain that the force has literally done nothing in keeping peace in the region but has rather sustained peace in pieces.

Recent situation in DRC suggests that it is not about accusations that Rwanda backs the armed group M-23, but it is about indiscipline and low morale among DRC forces, and most of all; the so called MUNOSCO has other missions other than keeping peace in the area. The logic behind this hypothesis is: Peace keepers are well armed and have most sophisticated weapons than those of rebels, they are supposedly well trained than M-23 soldiers yet they do not seem to care about protecting the area.

DRC, M-23, MUNOSCO why Rwanda is only the Victim

We have seen years of fighting in Somalia but UN did not hurry to go because there are no minerals, wood, fertile land, enough water and you can name the rest. There was Genocide against Tutsis which claimed more than a million people in 1994 in the presence of UN peace keepers though they did nothing but only “watched and monitored the situation”

What is being told to us dwellers of the great lakes zone is an allegation that: ‘ the current regime of Rwanda backs M-23’ the question Rwandans and Africans ask is; who was bucking the Interahamwe back in 1994, the Somalia’s Alshabaab that has pirated, conducted mass killings and advanced into killing Kenyan citizens as they send suicide bombers every now and then, who is backing Joseph Kony to fight Uganda’s president, or who is sponsoring Sumburu killings in Kenya, Mali mutiny and many of those rebellions around Africa and the world at large; talk of rebels in Syria and Hamas in Palestine? Or who backs other several armed groups in DRC?

Sponsors of such conflicts are always the same people who later come to fetch whatever they want, seek long term employment in refugees camps, supplying industrial leftovers in the name of charity and humanitarian reasons while they continue supplying weapons to both conflicting parts to make supper profits using numerals social organizations in the name of help . They are protecting their omnipresence in DRC, and most other parts of third world countries.

The same backers, United States of America (USA) France, England, Belgium and their allies know how to take advantage of issues and when they plan to do it, they instill false accusations to any country they want as long as they have some environmental relevance to support their allegations. They deal with the World political system and cave it or stretch it.

When they wanted to remove Sadam Husein, former President of Iraq, they accused him of possession of mass destruction weapons but it was revealed as a lie after they killed him. Then they planted an Arab revolution Ideologies that we have experienced recent years starting with Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Note that these countries though Arab associates, they are in Africa. All that was intended was the removal of Muammar Gaddafi.

They had ability to remove him but their Chameleonic conspiracy theory is their number one weapon. For the case of Great lakes Region here, they create loopholes and pavements for their benefits and find Rwanda the right victim especially after a terrible history about 18 years ago.

The West is bluffing with facts that only remain hanging on a thin thread

For those professionals in the same field or related, do not conclude with suggestions that the writer is being biased or that the objectivity was not considered here; it takes both professionalism and intellectualism to realise the dirty game on the African political ground triggered by the first world countries on bases of our continent’s internal conflicts.

This is why Reporters inside the city of Goma were able to see Congolese soldiers running in the opposite direction, after having abandoned their posts when M-23 militias arrived on 20th November 2012.  It is reported that, The Congolese army is extremely dysfunctional with soldiers paid only small amounts, making it difficult to secure their loyalty during heavy fighting.

This makes it clear why Rwanda does not need to help anyone fighting Congo. We the people of Rwanda, we members of East Africa and the whole Great lakes region know that Congolese need to solve lots of problems but some outsiders from Europe and America think they have solutions to everything, what a pity! If Rwanda is in their mouth today and to some extent Uganda, any other neighbour will be on list tomorrow it is better to remain aware and vigilant because benefactors know who the next victim is while the one to be alleged of any imposed reasons is in total darkness.

The UN Security Council confirms M-23 is on its own

A resolution calling for sanctions against leaders of rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been set as the UN Security Council called for an immediate stop to the violence following a two-hour, closed-door emergency meeting on Saturday  17th November 2012. The council said it would add sanctions against M23 leaders and demanded that rebels immediately stop their advance toward Goma, but the rebels advanced and have already captured the City.

According to France’s UN Ambassador Gerald Araud the fall of Goma would inevitably turn into a humanitarian crisis “We must stop the M23” he said, though the armed group was not stopped and the city is now in their hands. Same games same words but although lessons are learnt, those to award certificates are hesitant that if Africans particularly on this region graduate, The West will lose their self assured employment.

In its resolution that was adopted unanimously, the Security Council demanded an end to foreign support for the M23 rebels and expressed readiness to take appropriate measures. Again this is very ridiculous because as we all know and from technological facts, neither Rwanda nor Uganda has even a single industry for production of guns leave apart other heavy military equipment.

Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda with Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo flew to Uganda for talks after M23 fighters entered Goma. Unfortunately, these continuing allegations that Rwanda is backing the rebels might worsen things because you cannot have solutions about a conflict while still accusing each other. Pointing an index finger that Rwanda backs M-23 might delay or complicate any peace talk development as it is known that rebels detached themselves from DRC forces as mutinies with arms and technical knowhow.

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