Rwanda: Genocide victims deserve respect

There have been more efforts invested in order to remember and respect the Tutsi genocide victims in Gisagara district, whereas new memorial sites have been built so that the victims’ bodies are buried in honour.

Gisagara district leadership promises to continue paying tribute to the 1994 Tutsi genocide victims that were killed in this district. After Kabuye and Kibirizi memorial sites, Kansi memorial site have been built and was opened on July 09 2011.

Kansi sector residents express their gratitude for having given a place to remember their loved ones who passed away during the genocide unlike before when they could feel their departed relatives were not honoured.

Gisagara district leadership says it’s doing what it can in building memorial sites so that genocide victims that were not buried respectfully are done so.

The newly built memorial site at Kansi contains 1015 bodies of 1994 Tutsi genocide victims.

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