Minister Visits the Kigali Special Economic Zone

The Minister of State in Charge of Transport Hon. Dr. Alexis Nzahabwanimana recently visited Kigali Special economic zone project.

The Ministers visit was to speed up road construction for easy access of the special zone.

Government officials toured different infrastructures under construction.

“Some roads have been completed, only a 7 kilometer area has not been completed,” said Nzahabwanimana.

The minister revealed that NDP Cotraco which is working on the roads around the Kigali special economic zone did some work out of the contract and hence asked for application of laws to see that the contactors are paid for the work done.

The remaining work will be accomplished before the end of July 2012.

The Kigali special economic zone located in Nyandungu, Gasabo district is the place where all industries in Kigali will be relocated.

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