Burera: Government Gives Land for Several Disparate Families

Burera district administration has decided to support the 1994 genocide against Tutsi survivors from in different things so as to comfort them; Samuel Sembagare the district mayor said the authority has bought land for at least 32 families in this district.

About 20 productive projects that are people supported were made for genocide survivors so as to develop them as Samuel explained.

He went on to say that some 27 families of genocide survivors are given support fund and about 157 orphans are given school fees.

About 326 genocide survivors in Burera district are given money for medical insurance (Mituelle de Santé).

Sembagare said that though they try and provide these things to them, they are not enough as they don’t heal the scars in their hearts. He asked Burera district residents to put themselves in the survivors shoe and feel their pain and that will be the greatest support to give to them.

Genocide survivors in Burera district with no houses were given accommodation and those with houses that are not complete; there is a plan to rebuild them again for these survivors. Cows were given to most of them and those who haven’t been given cows; they will get them soon in a way of promoting ‘Girinka Munyarwanda’ project.

There is also a program to give work to do to genocide survivors and this is yet t be decided on by Burera district administration and the genocide survivors representatives and get projects that would be more productive to them.

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