Rwanda : Medical Practitioners Hold a Retreat

The ministry of health held a retreat with all health workers around the country to improve customer care in health centers. The annual retreat is meant for health workers to plan, exchange ideas and review the recommendations made in last year’s retreat, on Sunday at Lemmigo hotel, Kigali.

The one day retreat will mainly focus on plan and strategies for the districts with low levels of performance in certain health areas like fighting malaria to overcome the gap.

“It is a very important day for health practitioners to come together right from community level in the villages to exchange ideas on the challenges and progress. Also it is a direct way of receiving direct feedback from medical practitioners all over the country” Minister of health, Dr. Agnes Binagwaho, said.

The retreat of medical practitioners will also reflect on the development of future plan for health centers in service delivery. (Mutuelle de santé ) a medical insurance devotion is as high as 91 percent due to well coordinated sensitization of the people.

However the health workers urged not to have proper method of keeping documents where most of the hospitals use manually methods which sometimes is time consuming.

Every health center is entitled to have 3 computers but these are not enough as the doctors claimed over the capacity of files needed to be kept.

“We ask for health practitioners of the districts that did not progress to sit with the district officials for action plan implementation and most the challenges don’t need money but campaigns to change people’s mind sets on things like malaria and fertility” Director general of government hospitals, Dr. Bonnavatile Nzyimana

Districts that were mentioned include Nyagatare with 50 percent of malaria cases and Nyamagabe district with 48 percent of less access to family planning. About 86 percent of last year’s recommendations were achieved by the medical practitioners.

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