Two Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) units – the 1st Battalion called Rwanbatt-3 and Rwanda Aviation Unit serving under the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were honoured with UN peacekeeping medals for their contribution to peace and security in South Sudan in a ceremony at Durupi base camp, Juba this months.

Addressing the medal parade Rwanbatt-3 Contingent Commander, Colonel Christophe Rutaremara, speaking on behalf of both contingents thanked UNMISS leadership, the government of South Sudan and other stakeholders for their collaboration to accomplish the UNMISS mandate.

The ceremony was presided over by Acting Force Commander, Major General Main Ullah Chowdhury, who expressed his thanks to Rwanbatt-3 and Rwanda Aviation Unit for the contribution made in maintaining peace and security in South Sudan.

“Both contingents showed a high level of professionalism, determination and dedication in the fulfilment of the respective missions and tasks for the overall UNMISS mandate achievement. The medal is an acknowledgement of your hard work, sacrifice, commitment and devotion toward the mandate and your support and assistance toward consolidation of lasting peace in South Sudan,” Chowdhury said.

Rwanbatt-3 started its tour of duty on 29 October 2021 conducting operations including patrols, establishing temporary operating bases far from battalion headquarters, CIMIC (civil military co-ordination) activities including medical care services, water supply and community work. Rwanda Aviation Unit 10 provided air-service and patrols.

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