Ugandan Members of Parliament Visited Gisozi Genocide Memorial Site

The Ugandan members of parliament who are in Rwanda in a study trip were surprised by what they saw at the genocide memorial since they have never seen what they always heard.

These members of parliament came in Rwanda to study about gender balance and gender budgeting and how it works and the role of parliament in this program.

These MP’s journey started at the Gisozi Genocide Memorial where they first paid their respects by putting flowers to the graves of the 1994 genocide victims. They were explained how this genocide was planned and executed.

They were saddened by what happened to Rwanda and said other countries should learn from Rwanda and protect their citizens so they should never experience what happened to Rwandans.

MP Jachan Omach who is leading this delegation said they were grateful for Gacaca courts which ruled over many cases which could not have been judged in other courts and in a very short time.

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