Youth Needed to Continue Growing Rwanda’s ICT Industry

Today, Rwanda has over 3,000km of fibre optic cable, but only about 8.3 per cent of the population currently has access to the Internet.

This state of affairs does not portend well for the country, especially when you consider that 95 per cent broadband penetration would translate into a 10-13 per cent GDP growth.

“We have invested a lot of funds to ensure fibre optics go beyond Kigali so that the rural masses can access cheap Internet,” said Ebenezer Asante, the MTN chief executive officer, in an interview.

Asante noted that there is a need to conduct digital education and demonstrations to expose more people to the digital experience.

“We need to target the youth, not only to use mobile data and broadband, but also in developing content and applications that will serve their needs and those of the community,” he said.

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