Rwanda could lose 4.5 of GDP through climate change

Experts say that the Rwanda’s fast growing economy could likely lose as high as 4.5 percent of GDP due to impact of climate change by 2030.

According to the research conducted to ascertain the World’s Vulnerable 20 says that the country’s variable climate patterns pose high risks of extreme weather such as droughts, floods which impact negatively on the economic growth.

With such variable patterns, the country research says is likely to face health impacts of climate change with increased incidences of malaria and hot and cold weather related epidemics.

“Rwanda is one of many countries that have contributed almost nothing to the problem of climate change, but will bear the brunt of its impacts,” said Amb. Claver Gatete, minister of Finance and economic planning in a statement.

The vulnerable 20 (V20) launched last month entails 19 countries and it aimed at strengthening economic and financial standards on climate change as well as provide new approaches to mitigate climate impacts in developing countries.

“By joining the V20, we are adding our voice to the message that the international community must do more to keep temperature rises below 1.5°C and support developing nations to adapt,” said the Minister.

Nevertheless, the country through several interventions such as poverty Environment Initiative has embarked on protecting its limited natural resources as well as ensuring that population activities do not impact on the climate.

“Climate change, deforestation and an imbalance between population growth and natural resources use are only some of the obstacles on our path.,” said Dr. Vicent Biruta, Minister of natural resources.

He adds, “It’s our conviction that by working together we will be able to overcome them.”

It is estimated that in absence of an effective global response, annual economic losses due to climate change are projected to exceed US$400 billion by 2030 for the Vulnerable 20 where Rwanda is also included.

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