President Kagame “Looking Forward” to visit Cuba

The Rwanda cabinet on Tuesday named an envoy to Cuba – and President Paul Kagame made yet more strong indication he could visit the island nation.

A cabinet meeting chaired by President Kagame appointed Gregory  Biniowsky, a Cuban, as Rwanda’s honorary consul to Havana. Kagame is well conversant with Cuba, where he acquired part of his military training.

In a tweet response to KT Press, President Kagame said he was “looking forward to be back there [Cuba] after 29/30 years!”

The new envoy Gregory Biniowsky,  Canadian lawyer and political scientist, has been living and working in Cuba for the past 20 years representing Gowling WLG, a multinational law firm.

Notably too, Biniowsky a long time good friend of Rwanda, has also spent years as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Meanwhile, Cuba has also assigned an ambassador to Rwanda; Antonio Luis Pubillones Izaguire.

Izaguire’s candidature was approved by the same cabinet meeting together with four other foreign ambassadors; Takuyuki Miyashita of Japana, Frantisek Dlhopocek for Slovakia, Susan Eckey for Norway and Afonso Enriques Abreu de Azerodo Malheiro of Portugal.

The cabinet session also approved a license for Mauritian $100 million African Leadership University (ALU).

ALU was Rwanda’s 3rd largest foreign investment in 2015, according to data analysed by KT Press. The University has set up in Rwanda to offer what many say is a disruptive model of education, which will produce cutting edge ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders.

Cabinet appointed Didier Nkurikiyinfura to serve as a Technology and Innovation Manager at the Smart Africa Secretariat.

Another interesting element in the cabinet resolutions is the approval of the Ministry of East Africa Community to Arusha with its managerial structure, salaries, staffing, required resources and its operations.

There were also changes at the Rwanda Correctional Services RCS. Founding chief Gen Paul Rwarakabije and his Deputy Mary Gahonzire have been replaced by Brig. Gen. George Rwigamba and Deputy, Lt. Colonel Chantal Ujeneza, all fresh from the army.

Lt. Colonel Ujeneza has been the Rwanda Defense Forces Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and gender Deputy Director – connecting the army with civilian agencies active in the theatre of operations.

And on a softer note, the cabinet was informed about the 12th forthcoming Kwita Izinafor 19 baby gorillas on June 2.

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