Kagame Criticizes BBC’s Film ‘Rwanda’s Untold Story’ Over Genocide Denial

Rwanda President Paul Kagame criticized BBC for producing a documentary dubbed ‘Rwanda’s Untold Story’ that denies the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

This documentary produced and broadcasted by BBC denies genocide against the Tutsi by portraying the “perpetrators as victims and victims as perpetrators”.

“The opposite of what they tell us they stand for is what they have done against us. They chose to tarnish Rwandans, to dehumanise them, and deny the very genocide they reported on,” Kagme said.

“This is coming from a part of the world that has a lot of instructions to give us about freedoms. This is not the first time, we see it every day, every week, every month in all forms,” he added.

Kagame said this on Tuesday at the swearing in of the new Senate President of Rwanda.

The documentary was broadcasted on BBC on October 01, featuring a group of well known Genocide revisionists and fugitives from justice.

However, it has raised a lot of criticism from within and outside Rwanda.

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