Mineduc and Microsoft to boost education

Mineduc is partnering with Microsoft to reach its target of transforming education into a student-centered system enabled by technology by upgrading school infrastructures, as well as developing and acquiring digital content.

“We want better medical doctors, better engineers, better historians, better musicians etc. by using interactive multi-media and self-paced courses,” Education Minister Silas Lwakabamba said.

Lwkabamba remarked that the current engagement with Microsoft is to implement two major initiatives: the roll-out of the Office 3654 Cloud and offline solutions to all students, and also to have full broadband at the Huye Campus of the University of Rwanda as well as to Huye Goupe Scolaire Officielle for the next two years.

“We have the One Laptop per Child, but based on the latest technology, we are looking at transforming it into the One Digital ID per Child program. With connectivity more and more available and major cloud solutions being implemented by companies like Microsoft, we see an opportunity for students to share devices. They will have a unique digital ID and space where they can have access to their lessons, homework, school reports and personal files,” Lwakabamba explained.

The program is also expected to make various certification programs in applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point. They will also be equipped with technical certifications enabling students to work as they study or start their own businesses

According to Mineduc, the connectivity project will also boost several key projects including open and distance learning, as well as partnerships in courses and education resources between universities, research centers and libraries.

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