Republic of Rwanda Statement on UN Mapping Report

Today, the United Nations has stripped the “Mapping Report” of all legal or historical credibility.

“The Government of Rwanda has consistently argued that the report is inherently flawed. We note that the UN also recognizes that the report omits crucial historical context, uses problematic methodology and sourcing, and the standard of proof used to justify the allegations in it is woefully inadequate”, said Louise Mushikiwabo, Foreign Minister and Government Spokesperson.

“It seems clear that no amount of tinkering can resuscitate the credibility of this fundamentally misguided process. This report is yet another attempt to distort Rwanda’s history and prolong instability in the Great Lakes Region,” said Mrs Mushikiwabo.

“Rwanda will continue to defend herself against all attempts to rewrite our history in any form and in any forum, including reserving the right to review our various engagements with the UN.”

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